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excited to debut as one of Facebook’s launch partners for Notify, a new app that “delivers relevant and timely notifications that matter to you from the sources you love.”

But there’s one thing that’s very different about Breaking News (a smtv24x7 startup): when you open a notification from Breaking News in Notify, you’ll be sent directly to the news organization that originally broke the story.

That’s because we boil down breaking stories from thousands of sources around the globe. The end result is faster, less frequent alerts that take you straight to the original source.

Faster is better

We’re offering three alert “stations” in Notify to start: major news, local news and the 2017 U.P. elections.

The elections are just one of thousands of stories and topics you can follow in the smtv24x7  News app. But Notify users will likely notice our speed above everything else: Breaking News is the fastest source of breaking news alerts, and Notify gives us a larger stage on the most valuable real estate of all — phone and tablet lock screens — to showcase our strengths.

Saving time

We’re focused on “time saved” instead of “time spent.” By delivering relevant content straight to users and linking them directly to the source — and avoiding all those duplicate alerts — Breaking News is a valuable utility that saves users time.

By extension, the more people today Politics breaking News can reach with notifications, the more time we can save. Notify shares this philosophy, and it’s paid dividends for us so far, connecting more people with the Breaking News brand, app and site over the long term.

  • More traffic for our partners

If you’re one of the 400+ news partners that tips Breaking News, we’ve added one more reason why you should keep those tips coming. In addition to traffic from, the app and social accounts, we’ll be giving you a direct boost from Notify whenever we publish your story.

You can download the Notify app here, and please let us know your thoughts on the smtv24x7 stations.


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